A devotional unlike any other

Discover the profound biblical meaning of hope with an inspiring word study journey through the entire Bible!

Devotional Bible Study

What Makes This Devotional Special?

Experience a unique and comprehensive biblical word study on hope. This devotional stands out with its:

  • Complete Biblical Word Study: Explore every instance of hope in the Bible, provided in its original context, to help you unlock its profound meaning.
  • Thematic Daily Readings: Organized into manageable sections, making it easy to incorporate into your daily devotions.
  • Focus on the Biblical Text: This book comes without commentary. The text of the Bible and your own insights and meditations take center stage, allowing the biblical concept of hope to unfold as the Bible speaks for itself.
  • Reflective Prompts: Each section includes thoughtful questions to encourage reflection and journaling space to capture your personal insights.
  • Encouragement and Faith Building: Perfect for individuals or groups seeking encouragement in difficult times or looking to deepen their faith, focusing on the powerful message of hope.
Book Sample OT

Look Inside

Read a sample of Hope: A Word Study Devotional. These pages show a section from the Old Testament, and another from the New Testament.

The book measures 8x10 inches and contains 89 beautifully designed pages, printed on high quality matte paper.

Book Sample NT
Nate and Tammy Herron

Meet the Author

Nate Herron has had a passion for Bible study since he became a Christian in 6th grade. "Word studies in the Bible have always held a special place in my heart. I still remember how exciting it was to get my own copy of Strong's Exhaustive Concordance from a used bookstore!"

Today, Nate shares his love for the Bible with the young adults group at his church in Santee, California. His enthusiasm and passion for God's word shines through in the Word Study Devotional book series, which aims to make the profound truths of the Bible accessible and inspiring for all.

Nate is happily married to Tammy Herron, the talented designer behind the Word Study Devotional series. Together they have two college-age daughters. As a family, they feel abundantly blessed to share their work with you!


Great Devotional and Great Gift!

Hope: A Word Study Devotional is an enriching and inspiring book, perfect for personal study. Each page is designed to uplift and encourage, making it an ideal daily devotional. Additionally, this beautifully crafted book makes a thoughtful and heartfelt gift for loved ones, providing comfort and hope.